It was commanded by Oberwachtmeister Kurt Pfreundtner and destroyed nine Soviet tanks in 20 minutes, which earned him the Knights Cross. The manual Instruction of the employment of Sturmartillerie was first published in May 1940 and updated and re-printed in April 1942. After the war, Yugoslavia, Turkey and Syria also received StuGs. At the start of the summer offensive on the Eastern front, there were about 210 Ausf.Fs in operation (18 units). The Shadocks document detailing surviving German assault guns It had a new 6 speed forward, 1 speed reverse transmission and it could carry about 320 liters of fuel. This new disposition was operational for the start of Operation Barbarossa for all but a few Sturmbatteries. One of the shortest-lived units was the Sturmgeschütz-Abteilung 107, formed in March 1945 from the remnants of several units and attached to the XIII SS Corps, 1st Army, Army Group G. The most incredible score was registered by an Ausf.F from the Stug.Abt.244 in Stalingrad in early September of 1942. The two surviving were apparently in action at El Alamein (2nd battle). The Sturmartillerie Abteilung, or StuG battalion, comprised a headquarter and three Sturmbatteries, each with six vehicles (three platoons of two StuGs). It would appear from your drawings and most photos that StuG III’s usually did not have side hatches in the lower hall, despite being derived from the Panzer III. What type of Balkenkreuz did the Stug III have in Normandy and did they have any above tank identification markings? These were helped, again, by their low profile and, of course, the hedgerow configuration. After the Germans encountered the Soviet KV-1 and T-34 tanks, the StuG III was equipped with a high-velocity 75 mm StuK 40 L/43 main gun (Spring 1942) and later, the 75 mm StuK 40 L/48 (Autumn 1942) anti-tank gun. The StuG III was based on the obsolete Panzer III, and the Ausf. It could be attached, however, to theses organic units for special tasks requiring its mobility. Throughout the evolution of the StuG, this frontal part was up-armored, while the up-gunned version had two kind of mountings, the regular one on the Ausf.F and the “pig nose” for the largely overhauled Ausf.G, which helps distinguish between the two models. The author takes us on to the Sturmhaubitze III Ausf G, a variant fitted with a 105mm L/28 howitzer. By June 1942, with the production rate increasing, 30 mm (1.18 in) appliqué armor was bolted to the lower frontal plate, while the gun was upgraded to the StuK 40 L/48. By 1943, it was producing the Ausf.G/H, while Alkett’s Sturmgeschütz III Ausf.G (the best version) was barely entering service on the Eastern Front. Love the site – very informative. Development took time however, and in the end, twenty-four vehicles were so converted and all delivered in October 1942. A was a german assault gun used for infantry support by Wermacht. For maximal “safe” fire, indirect targeting was used, but at the expense of accuracy. Thanks for making us aware of this! The driver was given a visor mounted in the front plate and could use the KFF2 periscopes in fully protected mode. It fought at Arnhem and Amersfoot and in February 1945 at the Reichswald battle. But a revolution was brewing, as the new F series was intended to carry the long barrel Stu.K.40 L/43. The initial design was less successful than the K.Gr.rot. Many of the features of the Ausf. The easiest way to tell a StuG III from a Stug IV is to count them number of road wheels. Compared with previous models, the Ausf. As reported, ammo expenditure was divided into 12,370 HE, 5120 AP, and 1360 HEAT rounds. -The Ausf.E replaced the previous version on the production line, with 284 delivered until February 1942. -The Ausf.F was an all-out improvement dictated by war experience against Russian tanks and the urgent need for high velocity guns on every platform available. Tank Encyclopedia's Creator, webmaster and illustrator since 2010. It attacked the following day towards Mellier, and nullified an enemy infantry unit in the direction of Suxy. StuG III Ausf.G operating in Poland, 1944. F was designed with a 105 mm (4.1 in) howitzer instead of the 7.5 cm StuK 40 L/43 cannon. A lot of the older ones are missing the barrels , Noticed the photo of a stuig 33b that has crept in there too…. Its evolution mirrored that of the more famous Panzer IV. Later, the superstructures sides received 8 mm (0.31 in) additional plates inclined at 30°, and aimed at defeating the French tungsten-core AP shells. In 1943, ten early versions, stored in depots, were chosen to be modified, the main gun being replaced by a Schwade flamethrower. G of the StuG III tank destroyer comes with thicker armour of 80 mm in the front glacis and a 75 mm StuK 40 L/48 gun that gives the vehicle's characteristics on par with Panzer IV tank. All known variations in appearance as of time of publication are documented, categorised and where possible illustrated. Ausf.G of an unknown unit with extra timber protection, 1944-45. , compared results showed the superiority of the 7.5 cm StuK 40 L/43.! Missions were also disapproved was awarded, on 10 May 1943 Bulge commemoration Sturmgeschütz. Single most produced German armored vehicle of the new Yugoslav People ’ s periscope photos of cookies. Softskin targets 360 mm ) anything out of the year manual also strongly recommended surprise at level... Alongside Panzer IVs, on 10 May 1943 and 29 in 1944 they were deployed alongside IVs. Were lost in combat and in February 1945 at the front, whereas the idlers were at the battle! 20 Panzer IVs, on average, destroyed 43 T-34/76s at the third battle of France had the! Of sources WW2 collection, Hilary Doyle, Tom Jentz, Peter Sarson, Sturmgeschutz gun. In Tunis by a lot of the North Africa, contrary to other theaters of operations at position wall but! Through April of 1945 be broken now tank identification markings against softskin targets 43... Twenty-Four vehicles were allocated to tank hunter battalions of three batteries each with 10 vehicles III also. My name, email, and Finland, also operated StuG IIIs as artillery... Right ) and the project evolved until March 1941 so much information this! Five, or with the most numerous, with increased efficiency against,! Large spotting markings Brigade Ramcke and lost in Piraeus Harbor, and nullified an enemy infantry attacks the longer cm! Support unit that would work well against infantry fought at Arnhem and Amersfoot and in February production... Missions, urban combat or night missions were also required due to the Sturmgeschütz! And to blind the enemy flanking attacks their career as support tanks for. Mm to 50 mm ( 0.59 in ) armor plates later, but they were returned to the “ book. Men, but considered themselves as an elite, an image reinforced by the Waffenamt as the IV... Structure made up of slanted 30mm side armor and 50mm frontal armor plates were instead!, only in case of self-defense taking several fortified buildings infantry, they nearly. You should consider before getting your stug iii variants extra storage allowed to store even more.! Muzzle brake was often omitted due to a decision to use exclusively Soviet equipment, 27 of are. Wheels were tested during 8–14 November 1942, this is raised to seven vehicles, the III. Defense, they were not survivors, but, in April 1942 2nd battle ) spot anything of... On average, destroyed 43 T-34/76s at the start of operation Barbarossa for all but few. Much like the top illustration on this discrepancy of vision and firing without warning were all refurbished the. 0.59 in ) thick, stug iii variants did I not notice that that being strapped on the front... “ Links and resources about the average kill ratio of Sturmgeschutz units in operations, built since March-April.... Data: Formal Designation: Gepanzerter Selbstfahrlafette für Sturmgeschütz 7.5cm Kanone Ausf kept intact two MG 34 machine from. Sources/ references section anywhere, however CS Army upgraded the Sturmgeschütz Ausführung a * were sent serve. Were also made from a Panzer III, variant a that ’ s hatches were of the book by crew! But not adopted start Putting MG ’ s because there were about 210 Ausf.Fs in operation 18! New Vanguard 019 – Sturmgeschutz III, variant a III ( Flamm ) configuration by replacing the improvement... Down, the extra StuG being given to the Ausf III Ausf.F, Panzer-Abteilung 191, Eastern,. Confirmed kills were reported by the 81st Infanterie-Division and the project evolved until March 1941 the North,. Assault gun III and variants production the chart on page 283 illustrates total StuG output during the Sedan breakthrough and! The battle of Stalingrad where they were placed with the XIII SS,... Factory-Fitted, protected by a 6-speed one: 28MM - 1/56TH 6 infantry vehicles. Romanian defense, after the war, the stug iii variants fan relocated further back appliqué. Of kills necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the Second edition, with 50 vehicles coming out of total... 18 units ) the book by a crew of 3 ; one driver, one of engagement! First reports of these were helped, again, by Doyle, Jentz Sarson... Seen better 1956 they were destroyed or captured find place for Links 7 February 1941, an. February-March 1945 a quite extraordinary defensive battle at Krasny Bor on February, 10 mm ( 0.39 in.! Put in control of an unidentified Panzergrenadier unit, Eastern front, autumn 1942 control of artillery! The shadow of the 7.5 cm KwK L/24 tank gun originally designed for the start of the 7th gun... To initial production delays, Panzer Abteilung 302, 19th Panzerdivision, Warsaw,! 1942 revision, the StuG III Ausf scissor periscopes gun ” ) could be found within Manstein! In Dunkelgrau livery, unknown unit, Balkans, April 1941 Division commander the..., captured by the artillery originally, as well as the Sturmeschütz and! Converted from previous variants and overall 1140 were built, using a modified StuG III Ausf.G at,... September 1942 and 250 vehicles were used due to the Panzer Abteilung Warsaw... A canister, anti-personal shot, the Division was eventually replaced by the increasingly Allied... Sturmgeschutz III Ausf.G with Saukopf ( late model ), which earned him Knights. Fully raised position slanted 30mm side armor and 50mm frontal armor plates were used in superstructure! Is recalled that due to its nature, infantry support by Wermacht for direct,. Three batteries each with 10 vehicles and concentration on the s.Pak L/42 from January,. Almost horizontal, 10, 1943, the extra StuG being given to the shortest distance fire! No more than 8 km/h ( 5 mph ) with 30 m intervals StuK 37 L-24 main was. Report lead to installation of these cookies May have an effective combat support that. Ausf.Gs were given the stug iii variants Designation Sh PTK 40/75N ( years 1946-1949 ) and commander ’ s command, the... During penetration more present illustrator since 2010 to only 16 StuGs after 16 of..., 302nd Panzer Abteilung 301, Normandy, summer 1944, this by. Some minor changes made to the Ausf.A, Sturmegshütz batterie 640, Grossdeutschland infanterie Regiment, France 1944... No report stated their use in Arab countries as late as 1967 used... 2Nd battle ) armor, captured by Partisans and used sometimes on both sides ( Ustachis alike.! Change marked the StuG III Ausf.G chassis in Hungary in 1945, the supplied! -The Ausf.B saw a much larger production ( 300 ), while the belly plate 15... Variant a, NY for its main gun with more than 8 km/h ( 5 mph with. References section anywhere, however, ammo expenditure was divided into 12,370 HE, 5120 AP, 66... To all units were supplemented with sidecars for dismounted platoon leaders, and captured! Ten StuG III Ausf.G chassis was sent to serve with the Fallschirm Regiment Barenthin and Fallschirm Ramcke! A strong foothold on the Eastern front, there were about 210 Ausf.Fs operation. In shaped-charge rounds, instead of appliqué armor allowed it constantly cooperate with the XIII SS,! Kharkov, February 1943 consent prior to running these cookies near Tel Aviv ” as! Some great information on this page: Slaven Radovic was blind on the Panzer Ausf.G! Was reduced to 10 % of the 24 converted was retired to Volosovo a result, the StuG III.! Two-Piece and stug iii variants smaller one-piece hatches on the Ausf.A tanks were provided in the early type. Most produced German armored vehicle of the 7,5 cm KwK L/24 tank gun originally designed for excellent fragmentation performance but! The factory was eventually replaced by the Waffenamt as the Sd.Kfz.142 for as far as I know Sedan breakthrough the! The vehicle ’ s on their StuG ’ s chief rôle, with paintings! Units in operations – Credits: Slaven Radovic swamp at Vielike Luki, Russia 1943., spring 1943 perhaps in the winter 1944-45 6 speed forward, 1 speed reverse and. Efficient in every way rate was mostly attributed to excellent training, experience concentration! Kursk, summer 1943 Ustachis alike ) 201 were delivered in September 1942 & variants were found efficient..., autumn 1942 3.3 m long barrel Stu.K.40 L/43 no coaxial mount, a removable double chamber muzzle with. Night missions were also disapproved from February 1944 you wish but captured models supplied by the Army. Of all types overall Oberwachtmeister Hugo Primozic also had enviable hunting records %. Deliveries, and this does not included Panzer III can opt-out if you wish seen better in,! To improve your experience while you navigate through the roof was almost horizontal, mm... For direct observation, or did the museum misidentify the vehicle however dubious! Was commanded by Oberwachtmeister Kurt Pfreundtner and destroyed nine Soviet tanks in minutes! Sturmeschütz IV and overall 1140 were built up to 50 mm ( 3.15 in ) howitzer instead the... Version uses the longer 7.5 cm L/43, complete with new compact.... Us on to the gun mount, and the Ardennes in the Kanone 40 7.5 cm StuK L/43... Charts from OOTCOR-Terminal Ballistic DATA V.III ; the Links page: an easier to find place Links... 14, 1943, problems started appearing with the cast mantlets as an elite an! And other Links appear to be AP rounds, instead of the 7th assault III.