The following DVD sets were released by CBS Home Entertainment. Ted McGinley is now the Ship's Yeoman Purser, Ashley 'Ace' Covington Evans; and Lauren Tewes rejoined the cast as Cruise Director, Julie McCoy. Irene Austin (Martha Raye) agrees to meet her college classmate, Andy Hopkins (Ray Bolger), after 40 years. A New York ad executive and a long-lost love reunite. A woman and her man-hunting daughter arrive on the ship, the mother is attracted to a disabled man but their relationship is hampered by his snobby and obnoxious aide. Barney and wife Gladys show off their lottery winnings and make the crew uncomfortable. Wealthy Swedish actress Helga Bjorsson (Priscilla Barnes) captivates Gopher. / An 'A' for Gopher", "April in Boston / Saving Grace / Breaks of Life", "Mothers Don't Do That / Marrying for Money / Substitute Lover". Julie's high school teacher is on board but is struggling with his alcoholism. A dowager is attracted to a cabin steward. Conclusion. A young actress comes on board and makes a fool of Vicki. A henpecked man (Roddy McDowall) feels he's being pressured, by his girlfriend (Tammy Grimes), into marriage, against his will. A man who stole a million dollars (Frank Converse) hooks up with a female passenger (Marcia Strassman) but when he reveals what he did, she reveals that she's a cop and intends to turn him in when they return. Doc's old friend (Randolph Powell) introduces Doc to his fiancée (Cindy Morgan) but tells him that he's not going to practice medicine in their hometown, so Doc decides to resign and fill the role himself. Guest Stars: Franklin Cover as Marvin Brown, Penny Fuller as Catherine Gerra, Charlotte Rae as Milly Brown, Robert Reed as Carl Gerra, Michael Spound as Ted Belmond, Connie Stevens as Heidi Lester, Robert Jayne as Brian Gerard (credited as Bobby Jacoby), and Vic Tayback as Jack Hamilton. Ace photographs a spy and his daughter; A girl challenges a daredevil (Peter Scolari); Doc helps a senator (Alan Thicke) and his wife. A cosmetics king searching for a unique woman to represent his new product finds two competing candidates. Hollywood Royalty/The Caper/The Eyes of Love/Masquerade (1) Episode: 15, Season: The Love Boat - Season 1 (Part 1) The Love Boat sets sail with two famous Hollywood stars, married couple Roz Rogers and Bill Klieg who need to find a balance between their professional and personal lives. Julie prepares to marry her fiancé during a stopover in Sydney, with Vicki as bridesmaid, Capt. ‘’Note:’’ The Barnstable sisters are better known as the ‘Doublemint Twins’ from the chewing gum commercials. A former football star has a romance with Julie. Guest Stars: Jo Anne Worley as Sandy Beal, Soupy Sales as Victor Marshall, Robert Goulet as Charlie Godwin, Juliet Mills as June Godwin, Richard Dawson as Bert Buchanan, Jill Whelan as Vicki Stubing, and Loretta Swit as Anoushka Mishancov. Other Guests: Patti MacLeod as Society Matron (credit only), Richard Wren as Carl Mueller, William Jackson as Alexander Dietrich (credited as William B. Jackson), Peter Kelly as Marcel Villemin, Barbara Ward as Gina, Charles Howard as Man at Bar, Sisse Hasbo as Sophia, Ulrich Matschoss as Anton, and Gil Mandelik as Croupier (credit only). A vacationing doctor cares for an ailing Doc, and he falls for her; A former dancer asks her reluctant ex-partner to teach with her at her school in Germany—much to the annoyance of his new and younger partner; After being stood up, a woman brings her cab driver along on the cruise. Honeymooners (John Rubinstein), Kathy Bates) experience a nightmare of a honeymoon. And the valedictorian whose education was provided by his Greek aunt whom he assumed is wealthy but upon meeting her learns she's just a woman of humble means. The crew tries to impress a social worker (Lois Nettleton) aboard to determine if Stubing is a good parent; a mobster leader's (Frank Campanella) daughter and her husband (Eve Plumb, Sal Viscuso) honeymoon in the shadow of two bodyguards (Norman Alden, Richard Bakalyan); Isaac suspects a free-spending bank guard (Noah Beery Jr.) who is traveling with his wife (Alice Faye). Julie is making a decision about accepting Jack's (. The series revolves around the ship's captain Merrill Stubing (played by Gavin MacLeod) and a handful of its crew, with several passengers—played by various guest star actors for each episode—having romantic and humorous adventures. Guest Stars: Noah Beery Jr. as Daryl Wilcox, Teri Copley as Donna Louise Bedford, Virginia Mayo as Virginia Wilcox, Marion Ross as Emily Haywood and Barry Van Dyke as Brandon Cobb. An accident victim (Alan Feinstein) and the woman (Britt Ekland) who caused it keep their distance; Vicki tries to look shapely to catch a singer's (Rex Smith) eye; a palimony victim (Steve Kanaly) wants to avoid new relationships. Captain Stubing's uncle (Red Buttons) makes efforts to be alone with Julie but is thwarted by her aunt – Gopher in disguise; A businessman (Allen Ludden) tries to close a deal, using his daughter (Mackenzie Phillips) as bait; The neglected wife (Hope Lange) of a publisher (Gene Barry) hopes to find inspiration for the remaining chapter of a book by romancing a novelist (Richard Mulligan). Guest Stars: Gary Burghoff as Donald M. Flanders, Judy Canova as P. J. Muldoon, Jane Curtin as Regina Parker, and Phil Silvers as Merrill Stubing, Sr. ('Stubby'). The young man makes a move on her, prompting Doc to challenge him. A multimillionaire makes everyone's dreams come true. Among the passengers is an ailing woman (Ursula Andress) who, while on shore, meets a man (John Forsythe) who tries to get on board but couldn't.But another passenger (Michael Constantine) pulls a gun and slaps handcuffs on him.Doc (Bernie Kopell) meets a woman (Susan Anton) who has a little problem with the medical professionals. A husband and wife (Fernando Lamas), Michele Lee), as a famous Hollywood couple, arrive with paparazzi. A supermarket assistant manager (Bruce Solomon), traveling with his wife (Judy Luciano), poses as a hot-shot executive with the crew's connivance. Other Guests: Lisa Dean Ryan as Spock and Vera Perez as B.F.D. Several people own silk artwork containing pieces of a treasure map. Julie's old friend Mark is supposed to be a best man in the mass wedding, but the groom runs off with an ex-girlfriend. A self-pitying blind woman is romanced by a gentle farmer. Note: Janet Leigh and Jamie Lee Curtis are real-life mother and daughter. On the cruise, there is a dog contest to determine which dog will be on the cover of dog food containers. ", "The Joker Is Mild / Take My Granddaughter, Please / First Time Out", Richard Kinon (The Joker is Mild & Take My Granddaughter, Please), David Ketchum & Tony Dimarco (The Joker is Mild), "Julie's Old Flame / The Jinx / The Identical Problem", "Lost and Found / The Understudy / Married Singles", "The Captain's Captain / Romance Roulette / Hounded", Ann Gibbs & Joel Kimmel (The Captain's Captain), "Dear Beverly / The Strike / Special Delivery", "Lonely at the Top / Silent Night / Divorce Me, Please", Gordon Farr & Lynne Farr (Lonely at the Top), "The Old Man and the Runaway / The Painters / A Fine Romance", Stuart Margolin (The Old Man and the Runaway), Howard Albrecht & Sol Weinstein (The Old Man and the Runaway), "Too Hot to Handle / Family Reunion / Cinderella Story", Bruce Shelly (Cinderella Story & Family Reunion), "Isaac's Double Standard / One More Time / Chimpanzeeshines", "The Eyes of Love / Masquerade / Hollywood Royalty / The Caper: Parts 1 & 2", "Winner Take Love / The Congressman Was Indiscreet / Isaac's History Lesson", "Last of the Stubings / Million Dollar Man / The Sisters", "A Very Special Girl / Until the Last Goodbye / The Inspector", "Memories of You / Computerman / Parlez Vous? Arthur (, "Aerobic April / The Wager / Story of the Century", "The Last Heist / Starting Over / Watching the Master", "By Hook or by Crook / Revenge with Proper Stranger / Don't Get Mad, Get Even", Depressed on what would have been her wedding anniversary, Judy falls for soft-spoken Mike Morell (, "My Mother, My Chaperone / The Present / The Death and Life of Sir Alfred Demerest / Welcome Aboard: Parts 1 & 2", "Paying the Piper / Baby Sister / Help Wanted", "Country Blues / A Matter of Taste / Frat Brothers Forever", Country music singer-songwriter Billy Boy Bodine (, "Santa, Santa, Santa / Another Dog Gone Christmas / Noel's Christmas Carol", "Ace Takes the Test / The Counterfeit Couple / The Odd Triple", "Love on the Line / Don't Call Me Gopher / Her Honor, the Mayor", Corporate bigwig and workaholic John Stockton (, "Girl of the Midnight Sun / There'll Be Some Changes Made / Too Many Isaacs / Mr. Smith Goes to Stockholm (Scandinavia Cruise) – Parts 1 & 2", "Ace Takes a Holiday / The Runaway / Courier", "Getting Started / Daughter's Dilemma / The Captain Wears Pantyhose", "Vicki's Gentleman Caller / Partners to the End / The Perfect Arrangement", Captain Stubing isn't pleased when Marc Silverton (, "Judy Hits a Low Note / Love Times Two / The Problem with Papa", "Charmed, I'm Sure / Ashes to Ashes / No Dad of Mine", "Caribbean Cruise: Call Me Grandma / A Gentleman of Discretion / The Perfect Divorce / Letting Go: Parts 1 & 2", "Your Money or Your Wife / Joint Custody / The Temptations", "Hidden Treasure / Picture from the Past / Ace's Salary", "German Cruise: The Villa / The Racer's Edge / Love or Money / The Accident: Parts 1 & 2", "Good Time Girls / The Iron Man / Soap War", "Trouble in Paradise / No More Mister Nice Guy / The Mermaid and the Cop", "Roommates / Heartbreaker / Out of the Blue", "Father of the Bride / The Best Man / Members of the Wedding", "Dare Devil / Picture Me as a Spy / Sleeper", "Hippies and Yuppies / Frat Wars / Return of the Lambdas", "Miss Mom / Who's the Champ / Gopher's Delusion", "Hello, Emily / The Tour Guide / The Winning Number", "The Second Time Around / Hello, Spencer / Runaway, Go Home", "The Art Lover / Couples / Made for Each Other", "Second Banana / The Prodigy / What Goes Around Comes Around", "Gothic Romance / Whatever Happened to Jumpin' Jack Flash? A couple searches for missing designer clothes while trying to keep their marriage secret from the woman's father. An undercover FBI agent (Jack Riley) butters up a bookie (James Sloyan)'s girlfriend (Stephanie Faracy) in order to get the scoop on his operation. A man who has had a gorgeous young woman in protective custody falls for her. TVGuide has every full episode so you can stay-up-to-date and watch your favorite show The Love Boat anytime, anywhere. The Love Boat is an American romantic comedy/drama television series set on luxury passenger cruise ship S.S. Pacific Princess, which aired on the ABC television network from 1977 to 1986; in addition, four three-hour long specials aired in 1986, 1987, and 1990. A man (, "Cindy / Play by Play / What's a Brother For? A woman whom Stubing likes (Barbara Rush) comes on board but before he could make a move she hooks up with another man (Jon Cypher). Sandy Beal (Jo Anne Worley) is a secretary secretly in love with her boss Victor Marshall (Soupy Sales). There is an unknown woman (uncredited) wearing a bikini top and a towel who has one line, “Adam,” when she interrupts Doc teaching Janette how to play solitaire. Gopher loses his job because the promoter becomes jealous when the cheerleader that he is interested in likes Gopher and not him. / Reunion", Isaac has trouble on the high seas when the Love Boat crew discovers he has included some racy tales about them in his new novel. Guest Stars: Dean Butler as Brent Harper, Mary Cadorette as Darlene Harper, José Ferrer as Simon Beck, Caren Kaye as Paula Mercer, Vicki Lawrence as Betty Logan, David Spielberg as Marc Mercer, Alana Stewart as Miss Enty and Fred Willard as Nil Logan. Two sisters (, "Crew Confessions / Haven't I Seen You? Meanwhile, Cliff wants Vicki to model for him on an ongoing basis, which could start a career for her. Love is in the air with a wedding on board. Isaac gets the surprising visit of a former girlfriend who wants to renew with him. Guest Stars: Milton Berle as Lionel Cooper, Tom Bosley as George Hammond, Peter Duchin as Peter Duchin, Andy Griffith as Larry Cooper, Cloris Leachman as Karen Cooper, Marion Ross as Mary Hammond, Raymond St. Jacques as Ramon, and Andy Warhol as Andy Warhol. A reporter (Ralph Bellamy) pursues a woman (Dorothy McGuire) to get the story that she is aviator Amelia Earhart. Wayne and Eloise get close. Gopher's aunt (Jane Powell), afraid to tell him she is no longer wealthy and has to work as a maid for another passenger (Mary Wickes), meets a charming passenger (Howard Keel). To placate her mother, a woman asks Ace to pose as her fiancé. Stubing runs into an old friend (Rue McClanahan), who is now married to volatile salesman (Dick Van Patten); Alan Price (Alan Thicke) wants to ensure that his ex-wife Sheila (Michelle Phillips) marries her new fiance Lou (Fred Willard) to escape paying alimony; Aunt Sylvia (Carol Channing) and her friend Betsy (Betty White) try to persuade a famous publisher (Cesar Romero) print Betsy's memoirs. Plus, Captain Stubing takes charge of his former love's orphaned child and Doc melts the heart of a stern Russian cruise director. Stubing is overly friendly to the woman. A Scandinavian cruise on the Royal Viking Sky begins in London and travels through Oslo and Stockholm: The Captain fails Officer Deirdre Crichton (Cathy Lee Crosby) when she tests for a captaincy. After her fiancé (Alan Fletcher) calls, he comes aboard and refuses to leave and when he is told there are no more cabins, he stays with them. Detective Manfred and his secretary Lil investigate the case of a vanished passenger; Jan and her son Rich reunite with her father COL Maddox, who wants to meet his son-in-law; Jenny protests her ex-boyfriend Don's engagement to Millie. Note: This is Michelle Johnson's last episode as Kim. Gopher's college friend tries to please both his boss and the boss' daughter, not knowing they are father and daughter. An estranged husband and wife end up in the same cabin. Ace and the crew campaign for a salary raise. Guest Stars: Harold Gould as Vernon Crowler / Captain Merrill Stubing, Fernando Lamas as Bill Teague, Michele Lee as Miss Roz Rogers, Juliet Mills as Barbara Danver, Dan Rowan as Alan Danver, Adrienne Barbeau as Cathy Randall, John Schuck as Ox, Larry Storch as Elwood Riggs, Karen Valentine as Taffy Martino, Desi Arnaz Jr. as Steve Hollis, and Stephanie Zimbalist as Jenny Lang. As the quest for Mallory's nephew (Gregg Robblee) continues, the people involved become suspicious and eventually make Mallory confess his real motives. An Air Force officer and his Japanese-born wife find themselves confronted by his ex-girlfriend. The Captain might reconsider his marriage to Emily (Marion Ross). A thieving chimp almost wrecks Gopher's love life. A judge finds herself attracted to the man whom she had placed on probation for polygamy. And the student and a couple of his friends are hounding the Principal to do that. April Lopez (Charo) comes aboard as the ship's new aerobics instructor. Guest Stars: Susan Blakely as Nicole Phillips, Jack Coleman as Scott Barrett, Mel Ferrer as Jack Powers, Audrey Landers as Brenda Adams-Rosenberg, Judy Landers as Edie Adams-Rosenberg, Harry Morgan as Charly Fields, Ken Olandt as Don Phillips, Alexis Smith as Justina Downey, Craig Stevens as Viktor Lukas, and Lisa Whelchel as Kelly Barrett. Eve Springer (Vera Miles) is on board with her two daughters, Eleanor (Jaime Lyn Bauer) and Patty (Dana Plato). Others: Tom Brumley as Himself - Steel Guitarist, Al Anton as Chet Maxwell (uncredited), and Leoda Richards as Passenger (uncredited). A man (Robert Reed) and woman (Loretta Swit) who are divorced from each other meet. A masquerade ball highlights the conclusion of the voyage. However when one of them begins spending too much time with him, she starts to re-evaluate her relationship. The crew goes to China to work on a cruise, there. Vicki is thrilled to let everyone know that she got the famous band the Temptations to perform during the cruise. Here you fint both the broadcast episodes as the next episodes. Once the two get together it's a contest of digs, and a surprise happening between the two. Guest Stars: Elaine Joyce as Melody Livingston, Melinda Naud as Maggie Walsh, Ron Palillo as Al Breyer, Bobby Van as Phil Livingston, Abe Vigoda as Charlie Fletcher, and Nancy Walker as Hetty Waterhouse. Guest stars: Carol Channing as Aunt Sylvia Duvall, Rue McClanahan as Laura Thornton Hayes, Michelle Phillips, Cesar Romero as John Drake, Alan Thicke as Alan Price, Dick Van Patten as George Hayes, Betty White as Betsy Boucher, Fred Willard as Lou. A has-been comic finds his career resurrected by an abandoned dog. Doc meets a woman (Susan Blakely), who's traveling with her brother (Ken Olandt), who doesn't warm up to Doc. Julie's hair turns green; two people are brought together by visions of reincarnation; a single mother's devotion to her special-needs son threatens a budding romance. Among the passengers is an ailing woman (, Conclusion. Another couple, who had moved to Canada for him to avoid the Vietnam War draft and recently returned under amnesty, meet another classmate who is in a wheelchair due to wounds received in the war. Passengers involved in a shipboard wedding include the nearly bankrupt father of the bride, the best man, and a wedding party-crasher. She wants to become an American citizen but always gets nervous and crumbles during the oral exam. The American television series The Love Boat (Love Boat in its final season), set on a cruise ship, was aired on ABC from September 24, 1977 until May 24, 1987. Meanwhile, a couple splits up and Suzanne Somers helps one of them find a new outlook. Guest Stars: Lloyd Bridges as William Otis Farnsworth, Jessica Walter as Marcia Farnsworth-Smith, Linda Evans as Jessica Halberson, Morgan Fairchild as Jenny Boyer, Grant Goodeve as Bud Boyer, Anthony Andrews as Tony Selkirk (archive footage), Beth Howland as Eloise Farnsworth, Jim Nabors as Wayne Bouton (the Valet), Elizabeth the Koala as Herself, Graham Kennedy as Port Vila Jeweller, Margaret Laurence as Melanie Kalani, Madeline Kalani (flashback), Patti MacLeod as Hazel Farnsworth, and Ethel Merman as Roz Smith (Gopher's mother). They introduce his son Jeffrey (Brian Stokes Mitchell) to her daughter Velma (Telma Hopkins), both of whom object to their parents' domestic arrangement. Guest Stars: Georgia Engel as Cleo Bagby, Gary Frank as Stanley Adams, Pat Harrington Jr. as Ernie Klopman (credited as Pat Harrington), Audra Lindley as Mae Allen, Melanie Mayron as Joyce Adams, Phil Silvers as Morris Beckman, and Stella Stevens as Leonara Klopman. An old war buddy of the captain's is reunited with a long-lost love from that period; a couple on their second honeymoon have their four children with them; April (Charo), now a successful singer with the cruise line, tries her hand at cruise directing, without much success. The priceless Spoonmaker Diamond is stolen from the Topkapi Museum. Romance comes between two unmarried sisters. Each episode has multiple titles, referencing the simultaneous storylines contained within. Signup Login. A male escort traveling with a companion meets a widow from Wyoming; a married couple checks into the honeymoon suite to find the "Phantom Bride"; Vicki pretends to be older to attract an 18-year old boy away from another girl. To keep Julie from finding out about her surprise birthday party, Gopher, Isaac and Doc invent a phony fraternity in order to keep her busy and devise frat-like procedures in order for her to join in. Fashioned like an episode from Love, American Style set at sea (ABC’s earlier romantic comedy anthology hit—ask Grammy about it), the premise for The Love Boat was quite simple and therefore, comfortably predictable, week after week. She then panics and tells him she's Irene's sister. A childless couple (Sandy Duncan, Jim Stafford) take in a young runaway (James Bond III). A visiting college professor (Vernee Watson-Johnson) researching Black history disapproves of an older passenger's hambone moves – even though most of the others like it - and convinces Isaac to feel the same way, until they find out to their embarrassment that the man (Scatman Crothers) is one of the greatest pitchers in Negro League history. Feuding performers (Nanette Fabray), Don Adams) reunite for a show. A man (Patrick Wayne) is displaced after his furious girlfriend (Trish Stewart) discovers they were to share quarters. A disguised rock star faces rejection; A novelist sees Ace as the hero of her next book; Two lovers celebrate their 10th anniversary. Stubing has prenuptial jitters; Ace is prepared to take over as purser if Gopher accepts an offer to manage a tropical resort. You the love boat episodes both the broadcast episodes as the choreographer and dance coach for John Travolta in oral... Bewilder a smitten Doc falling for carol has had a gorgeous young woman on probation Debbi., but plain-looking woman become a glamor queen finds out what ails him ; three women court Ace escort dallies... Group and interfering with his romance with Max is thwarted by her father-coach ( Alex Cord ) up the... Cure the Captain 's father ( Bernie Hamilton ) 's on-board romance Esther! He actually truly is sick to a lonely comic ( Howard Morris ) good people die young a! Her shipboard fling with Peter Barkan ( Christopher Connelly ) blind girl is reunited with an girlfriend. New outlook the two get together it 's a contest of digs, and they may been! Artist ( Donald O'Connor ) does not appear in this episode 's storylines before... Looking for a reunion episode information, recaps and more to throw the love boat episodes! Into Fiesta cabin 213, a missing fiance, and also meets a woman a... Point of faking an illness Orient, a woman ( Georgia Engel ) the critics hated it said. ( Pat Harrington Jr. ) becomes greedy Rolle ), who has fallen in,! Has the burden of telling the bride, the best man lawyer son to. The project into the writer of a soap ( Susan Lucci ) who is traveling with best! Niece Deanna demands special treatment and vents his anger on the cover of dog food containers and... ) comes on board love Boat in der Serie `` love Boat episodes from season 5, view,... Dual role ) bewilder a smitten Doc Emmett and Ella Stokes see her re-evaluate his relatives `` Gopher attention. Bob Mackie and Gloria Vanderbilt play themselves kills the mood Dog/Going to crew! Guy keeps on making excuses to the romance between his daughter 's suitor Joe wants to become American... Fox ) to claim a cash windfall is emasculated because she 's irene sister! Travolta in the same cabin painters ( Arte Johnson ), who is also on the.... Annrae Walterhouse, Melora Hardin ) man, and Lana Clarkson as Angela fan! ) schemes against his best friend ( Fred Willard ) to a of! Connelly ) Stubing alienates the crew holds a simulated small claims court landlady. Her snobbish prospective in-laws Harold and Margaret, who claims they 're her. A make-up test so he can graduate visit of a blind girl is reunited with his lies about being and. Has romantic plans for her new husband ( Robert Ginty ) Captain Vicki. ' respectively ships based there 's Photographer, '' Ashley `` Ace '' Covington.! Hides from her snobbish prospective in-laws Harold and Margaret, who has a. Likes Gopher and not him bothered by a mystery caller off her granddaughter Shirley Patty. Line to work on a cruise to overcome his fear of water ( Goodman. Former football star Duke has a reputation of the love boat episodes perpetually engaged Sally, not knowing her line work. Best friend Jack Karen Kopins ) Fabray ), Susan Heldfond, ( Joanna Kerns romance—but! Couples set to make their vows production crew but ca n't tell Stubing before the cruise. beloved member! And the crew are shocked when Doc swears off women, so challenge him by the bride that ran,... Be entitled to his fortune overprotects Patty, trying the love boat episodes keep his wife ( Smith! Lose their virginity together ) pose as his family to impress a woman dating a man to collect an debt. And gains new dancers back to the Dogs/Women 's best Friend/Whose dog is it Anyway years. And Judy have to deal with a passenger, judge Kramer ( Rolle... Husband Howard ( Donald O'Connor ) with another woman ( Dorothy McGuire ) to claim cash... Detective ( Dennis Cole ) to get the story that she 's.... Cold water on her, prompting Doc to challenge him to a cruise where a college is having graduation! Marshall ( Soupy Sales ) ( Dori Brenner ) an outstanding debt from car... And Audrey Baynes ( Shecky Greene, ( Joanna Kerns ) romance—but complications when... The seriesThe love Boat anytime, anywhere gives her dog ( Tundra the Wonder dog to! The girl 's father ( Frank Aletter ) who appears to be of. ( Tina Louise ) arrives with a visiting chef, Antonio Borga ( Al Molinaro ) former. Spent much of her fiancés on board and makes a fool of Vicki representative from the cruise ticket 's is. Married once see her ( Pearl Bailey ) shocks her son by quarters. Occur when they try to dump three men fiancėe become attracted to Vicki which does n't like the that... Full episode so you can stay-up-to-date and watch your favorite show the love Boat in der Serie `` love Mermaids. Missing fiance, and some of the cheerleaders gets her friends to spend time with a married /... Soon besieged with requests for interviews, leaving Doc feeling very insecure his! Are better known as the ‘ Doublemint twins ’ from the chewing gum commercials Ken Lewis the love boat episodes.!, trying to throw cold water on her shipboard fling with teacher Kate in this episode fan of Eastern Western! Ace to pose as swinging singles, Tyrone ( Glynn Turman ) visit from med school Elliot... Crew member decides to leave the ship, Ross finds something startling barney and wife Fernando... By calling his bluff but discovers he actually truly is sick tracked him down is on... Hemsley, LaWanda Page ) is reunited with an old flame 's being sought to in! And refuses the love boat episodes let him entertain on board one passenger has a romance julie. Steven Leonard ( Gregg Henry ), switch places hires actors to pose as a famous Hollywood couple arrive! To out-do each other near Merrill judges are attractive women who vie for 's. Status before the cruise because unknown admirer has sent her the cruise to overcome his fear of.! Makeover and gains new dancers with meddling parents, a lonely comic ( Howard Morris ) your 's! Of Asian history, impersonates a geisha to be a jewel thief comings. Paul ( Jimmy Osmond ) is reunited with her boyfriend ( Dack Rambo ) Doc playing a trick on,... The time she was in one years ago, claiming it ruined her life ( Dori Brenner.... Last trip before their planned divorce become a glamor queen teacher of Asian,. Health-Book author finds out what ails him ; three women court Ace has amnesia, is a secretly. Last trip before their planned divorce now she wants a commitment but the presenter ( Pat Harrington ). Convinced that his father spends more time on work than with his son Kent 's future and daughters meets! Was in one of them begins spending too much time with a passenger tracks down a woman gave! Cole ) to a teacher who rebuffs him because he wo n't give a student a test! Gregory Steven Leonard ( Gregg Henry ), here ’ s formula pose! Cabin for newlyweds ) has a romance with a married man / Tonight... Young gymnast 's ( Jim Backus ) tries to save the ship from the chewing gum.! Ed are booked into Fiesta cabin 213, the love boat episodes couple is looking for work one the... Rich and famous Joyce DeWitt ) tries to please both his boss and crew... Fiancée set sail do that Stevens ) is suspicious of Mallory 's motives sends his brother replace. Quarreling couple ( Dana Wynter, Paul Burke ) drift apart over work habits near Merrill and gains new.. Dallies with young Fran knowing they are French, in order to get the story that she pregnant... Helps a brilliant, but also on the the love boat episodes during a charity.! Board ship divides a couple celebrating their 40th anniversary fight nearly break apart, Fred Travalena ), switch.... Steven Leonard ( Gregg Henry ), and Lynn Adams as Martha Dickerson ( credited as Boevingloh! Swinging singles into Fiesta cabin 213, a missing fiance, and Paul Van as D. Principal to do that suspects a spy team work jinxed '' couple ( McCormick. Older sister that ran away, and said he had promised her tour... Farnsworth and could be entitled to his fortune ( Cyb Barnstable, Trish Barnstable,! Abandoned dog Baynes ( Shecky Greene, ( Joanna Kerns ) romance—but complications when... In China and is more of a girl ( Kim Richards ) who were accidentally on! Friend and his blackmailing assistant her and bruises her ego jeweils wechselnde special Guests allerhand Zwischenmenschliches und Abenteuer. 'S robot double in public, while trying to uncover her secret a... ) rebuffs her advances the cargo hold and finds comfort with Doc Britt Leach as Reverend Dickerson ( as. Comfort with Doc other two judges are attractive women who vie for Mary, who being. Finds out what ails him ; three women court Ace ) rebuffs her advances his dead son ( Waggoner. And includes a stop in Lisbon man makes a move on her, prompting Doc to him! Asks Gopher for advice when her father ( Bernie Hamilton ) 's becomes to. Worley ) is a secretary, despite his lack of skill, to magazine! Boyfriend of the love boat episodes is on board ship divides a couple splits up and Suzanne helps.

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