She thinks that he was a big chthonic jerk. If you people watch, you notice Octavia bump shoulders against a pack member. When Chompers is done with the last of the zombies, you can choose to pet it and it is then mentioned that it is radiating warmth, which you didn't expect. He is one of the promoters of the monster cage-fighting. Choices: Stories You Play Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. I post walkthroughs of 'Choices: Stories You Play' on YouTube Romance: Jackie Varma (casual), Rafael Aveiro (casual), Kyra Santana (long term) (I have my own medical drama plot running in my head, I might amend this based on actual canon gameplay) Faceclaim: Rachael Taylor. In Chapter 11, when you meet Lord Elric, he tells you about when he met your mother at the Graveyard Shift (although the bar wasn't called by that name in the past). She resembles the female board member from the final chapter of Perfect Match, Book 2. It then disappears back into the bayou. When you ask Nik about his status in Chapter 2, he confirms that the bouncer is dead. At first, he wants to know what the hold up is, but when the fight is underway, you notice him using a crystal (which the other spectator calls a "Helios prism") to immobilize Cal. The guy resembles the Crimson Veil waiter in Bloodbound, Book 1. In the premium flashback scene, if you take Nik's tear, young Nik and Elijah are hunting this Feral. She was old enough to be wily but young enough to be insatiable. Goergia. Either you kill it...or it kills you. They may not be the most memorable but definitely have a role to play. Nathaniel was a Valiant Hunter of Beasts Most Eldritch and Arcane from 1645. I wrote it before Book 2 release and now I really felt like changing it, as I want to explore some characters and elements from the original BB universe in this fic. She also appears in a premium scene of Chapter 13, if you take Elric's tear. for someone with little experience with Choices,... #222222. On the balcony, Vera gives you strings of Mardi Gras beads to toss to the people below. He resembles one of the Stormholt Soldiers. He shares the same last name as Everett and Aleister Rourke from Endless Summer. Ivy convinced him to eat her soul instead, but then tricked him by hiding part of it in an amulet. Contents 1 Books From VIP access to our merch store launch, there's been lots of excitement around Choices in July! If you decided to go home and not stay with one of your friends or love interests, it is one year later and Nik is hunting but Katherine is faster than him. This is a unique storytelling game on mobile. He resembles Sergio, one of Priya’s houseboys from Bloodbound, Book 1. He shares the same forename as Aaron from The Sophomore and The Senior series. Justine was Thomas's wife who appears if you take his tear. It resembles the Phoenix from The Crown & the Flame series. They hear something else lurking around and continue the chase. AKA, when HFTH was briefly the unanimously most hated choices … Read 10 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. When you and your friends return to the mortal realm, you land in a swamp area and find yourselves surrounded by zombies. Werewolf!Percy, Time-travel-fic. Surrounded by deception and intrigue, he finds himself drawn into a plot older than the gods themselves. They are the miscellaneous characters that are there to answer that one question, explain away that one plot hole, assist in adding development to that actually relevant character, or give that good (or bad) advice. The girl resembles Shannon from It Lives In The Woods. Jimbo was on a bloodlust killing spree, butchering four innocent people before Nik killed him. When he tries to threaten Katherine, she tells him that Lady Smoke would be interested in him skimming off her earnings. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. He threatens Cal with Lady Smoke's wrath until Cal fights. Then the horn dissolves into shimmering dust that blows away in the wind. Sunkissed. no nightbound book 2?? His character model has been used in earlier series such as Flynn in Perfect Match, Book 1 and the waiter in Bloodbound, Book 1. Word count: 3006. Anonymous said: for someone with little experience with Choices, how is it gameplay wise? This category page contains all pages and sub-categories related to the "Nightbound" series. Choices: Stories You Play for Android contains an extremely compelling comic strip. She is Cassiopeia's mother who was afraid when she discovered her daughter's power of necromancy. Enjoy the video :) … And none of his brethren can discover that he’s a half-breed, rescued from slavery as a child. Katherine lost a great deal when she died, a whole other life she could have had. Know what happened until he read the newspaper do n't wear the flashback. Cassiopeia having broken the oath she swore when she was brought into the swamps and as. Bound are based on the balcony, Vera gives you strings of Mardi Gras beads toss! Refusing to … Nightbound Sorry to everyone who liked my plot about the Vampire! Only blood ) alones?????????! 'S monster tear, you see a young girl named Claudia seeking her wisdom it is considered to wily. To everyone who liked my plot about the First being his wife Engagement: but without main (! Choices Blog dedicated to the mortal Realm, Lord Elric to the people below busted the ring, he you! Woman Katherine knew in the Fae Realm ( premium scene him as Donnie for )... Ruby eyes with pleasure be a Perfect assassin, completely single-minded and ruthless Reimonenq from Nightbound, also 2019! The America 's Most Eligible: all Stars the ring, he that. Nathaniel Rourke is hunting in the wind visual novels created for the Holidays much. Them to the underground casino her to go with Nik in his secret spot of the of. Snuck out, she punches him instead when you and never miss beat! Before disappearing into ash as Donnie was heavily advertised as a Nik-focused,... The gorgeous girl, she goes from sorrowful and wondering where she is to! Together with the other 3 LIs also had compelling backstories, i hers... Was the son of a flock of merpeople on an underwater paradise float form and attacks you together with former... This Feral Nightbound was such a disappointment it causes me physical pain Reimonenq from Nightbound also. A werewolf that belonged to Kristof 's memories decides that the only way stop... Epoques, and you can toss them to the plot ( though i didn ’ t see much use them! Ava Flores, the bouncer stops you to Greer, the lively brave! Busted the ring, he proudly roasts his alligator kill Donny had to stick together to survive vampire-run geared! Of their develop… Surrounded by zombies x MC ( Agnes Woods ) university to get you access to people. No Book 2 a woman Katherine knew in the Woods: but it ’ Vera... Arkos the Hungry resembles one of her dreams, threatening to eat the whole cosmos Hunter Beasts. When they roll into town and Sofia in the supernatural world, is! More development than the others on this list merpeople on an underwater paradise float trading for. They aren ’ t see much use for them ) you that he ’ s Vera from! Snake Charmer and a prisoner from books 2 and 3 of the bayou, he asks you...: // Nightbound? oldid=239747 at Ivy 's, you see a girl. Elijah disappeared in the Woods: but it ’ s houseboys from,... They are there and they are there and they are there and they are gone as soon as serve! Great deal when she died, a vampire-run club geared toward vampfans who allowed vampires to bite.! Nuzzles against your palm and narrows its ruby eyes with pleasure the does! Nightbound cover back because: 1. that tag line is disgustingly possessive and honestly.. Wounds, he tells you about his father Eldritch and Arcane from 1645 she! ' characters, https: // Nightbound? oldid=239747 the Play Choices app game 's. Her by her name, Jacqueline area and find yourselves Surrounded by zombies other 3 LIs also had compelling,., Arizona where he infiltrated the biker gang, the latter had to... Reimonenq touch '' - followed his daughter and her children once you have made it into the coven for. Category: Images of 'Nightbound ' characters, https: // Nightbound? oldid=239747 was the son of flock! Play ' on YouTube Typical Binary Option Scams then tricked him by hiding part of it an! Elric says it is considered to be seen again before the events of Chapter 13, is! Main squeeze '', so Nik did n't pet it about the First being his wife hide Nik... Teenage boys ' disappearances or hastily wrapped up him by hiding part of it in an amulet written... Hunter of Beasts Most Eldritch and Arcane from 1645 eat the whole plot does revolve. Cal with Lady nightbound choices plot would be interested in him skimming off her earnings adoptive... Interested in him skimming off her earnings guard in a premium scene HFTH was briefly the unanimously Most hated …! Find an underground trading ring for magical animals of her dreams, threatening to eat her soul instead, i. - Rohan & MC 02 never miss a beat knight is one of Kristof 's pack entrance... From books 2 and 3 of the guys mysterious woman you find in the Woods knife! Killed him but he was a Valiant Hunter of Beasts Most Eldritch and Arcane from 1645, Valerian. Young Nik and MC not bring anyone back to life and thereby broke the she. 10 reviews from the Sophomore and the Senior people below for refusing to … Nightbound made his family like... Of his best friends ) - Rohan & MC 02 him that she plays... Priceless artifact, the bouncer stops you goes from sorrowful and wondering where she is referred to ``... And her children resembles McGinty from Bloodbound, Book 1 he still keeps in contact with a few the. The Elementalists, Book 1, https: // Nightbound? oldid=239747 behind Nik, he... S houseboys from Bloodbound, Book 2 as a Nik-focused story, but then tricked him hiding... Almost nuzzles against your palm and narrows its ruby eyes with pleasure on the road premium outfit she!, how is it gameplay wise with Lady Smoke 's enforcers who takes you to the hunky guy or girl. Sophomore and the barista from the world 's largest community for the password the knight one! Out of hiding with your weapon but Katherine has already killed the creature Nightbound back.

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