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Summer holidays in The Abbey College

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Summer holidays in The Abbey College

Since 1969, The Abbey College has been running high-quality, all inclusive Easter and Summer English Language holiday courses. These programmes provide an excellent opportunity to combine learning English whilstbenefiting from the activities on offer at the college, such as regular cultural excursions and sports tuition in a fun, residential environment. Outstanding fully residential 70 acre (28 hectare) campus in central England is ideal for holiday courses as everything the student needs in one of the safest locations in the country.

All Inclusive Holiday Courses

It is The Abbey College intention to provide every student attending our holiday courses with everything essential to their stay on-campus in one package price and we can take care of students from the moment of arrival to the moment of departure. Within holiday courses we include much more than most summer schools, which is something you need to remember when comparing prices. Some additional options are available which do cost extra, such as room upgrades, private lessons and alternative excursions.

Key Facts

Age: 8 - 11 (Children), 12 - 17 (Teens), 18+ (Adults)
Start Dates: Every Sunday in the Summer & during the Easter break.
Course Length: Minimum 2 weeks. No Maximum.
Hours per Week: 16+ in class.
Maximum in Class: 16. Average 12.
Course Content: General English lessons plus a strong focus on sports, activities and excursions.
Appropriate for: Students looking for a holiday-style course in the summer who want to have fun outside the classroom as well as in it.

Course fees



Compulsory Charges (includes shared room, shared bathroom on campus)

Length of stay

Registration Fee

Course Cost per week (all inclusive)

2-4 weeks

£ 50

£ 650

5+ weeks

£ 50

£ 610


Our fees include the following for every student:

•    Group tuition
•    Standard accommodation
•    All on-campus meals
•    Airport transfers to/from London Heathrow (see details)
•    Two organised excursions per week
•    Basic welfare and healthcare
•    Weekly laundry
•    All course materials
•    Internet, library and self-access facilities
•    Additional conversation classes
•    All mainstream on-site activities and social events (up to 30 per week)
•    An Identification Card
•    End-of-course certificate and teacher's report

Holiday Course Age Groups

Separate holiday courses are designed for Adults (18+), Teens (12-17) and Children (8-11). Students can begin courses at the start of any week within the course dates. All students receive over 16 hours per week of general English tuition from EFL course teachers. Leisure and social activities are prepared and supervised by our dedicated social and sports staff, with a wide variety available on-campus. One half-day and one full-day excursion are provided and included each week. The exciting and varied holiday course programme ensures students have something to do from when they wake up until they go to bed.

Holiday Course Transport

Airport transfers for students on holiday courses are arranged at no extra cost provided the flight lands between 10am and 5pm. Older students are free to make use of the reliable local public transport in their free time.

Holiday Course Student Nationalities

Over 40 different nationalities, represented in one of the largest residential summer schools in England, ensure The Abbey College provides an excellent international atmosphere.

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