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Education in Great Britain. Brittin College - University Foundation Year

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Education in Great Britain. Brittin College - University Foundation Year


Fast track to first-year of university in an English-speaking country

University Foundation Year Programme is a 9 month intensive course designed for high school graduates who wish to attend university in the UK, North America or Australia. Graduates are guaranteed admission to one of our over 120 partner universities.

Programme Details

Who is it for?

High school graduates aged 17+ who wish to attend university in an English-speaking country.

Programme Length

9 months (6 month programme available in North America and New Zealand)

Start Dates

January, April and September


• Great Britain: Cambridge, London, Manchester
• North America: Boston, New York, Santa Barbara
• Australia: Sydney

Hours per week in class

30 or 32 (20 hours or 21 hours, 20 minutes tuition time).


The University Foundation Year core curriculum consists of the following elements:

• Academic English: Students are taught to communicate effectively in an academic environment in English.
• Study Skills: Students are taught to use their study time more effectively and improve their research skills.
• Local Culture & History: Students are taught about the history and culture of the local country.
• University Preparation: Students are taught about the local university system and application process.
• Exam Preparation: Students are prepared for and take a major exam (IELTS or TOEFL).
• Computers (UK only): Students are taught computer skills required for future university study.
• Mathematics (UK only): Students are taught mathematics skills required for future university study.

In addition, students in the UK have a choice of ten specialist pathways, each carefully designed to focus on the academic areas most useful to their future study intentions. Students can choose from: Business, Media, Law, Sports Sciences, Tourism and Hospitality, Information Technology, History of Art, Music Technology, Studio Art, Psychology.

University Placement

EF Will Help You Apply to the Right University

At every EF Brittin College campus we have dedicated University Placement Advisers on-site to work with students on their study plans and university applications. During your University Foundation Year, an Adviser will meet with you regularly to give you individual guidance on your Foundation studies, as well as professional advice on applying to the college or university of your choice. They will answer questions about the application process; give you useful advice about suitable courses of study; assist you with reference writing; and will make sure your applications meet the necessary deadlines. Our team provides a crucial level of support that will make a huge difference in making sure you gain admission to the right university.

University Seminars and Visits

During your EF Brittin College University Foundation Year, our University Placement Services team will organise several university seminars when different universities will come to our campus and introduce you to their programmes. You'll get a chance to speak with university admissions officers from different institutions to learn first-hand what each university offers. These seminars are complemented by several university visits to give you an idea of the different campus locations and school facilities. Our team can also arrange individual university tours depending on your school preferences.

Guaranteed Admission in Partner University Network

Successful completion of EF Brittin College University Foundation Year guarantees you entry at one of our many partner universities, as well as allowing you to apply to any university you choose. For more information on our partner universities, please follow the links below:

• United Kingdom
• North America
• South Pacific

Whether you choose to attend one of our partner universities or apply to another university, our goal is to help you make the best and most informed decision about which university and programme are best suited for you.


Our requirements are developed to ensure that all students can successfully take part in the programme. If you have questions about your individual situation, one of our education consultants would be happy to advise you.Contact EF English Language Requirement

* United Kingdom: IELTS 5.0* or TOEFL 510 minimum
* North America: TOEFL 400 minimum
* Australia: IELTS 5.5*, TOEFL 525 minimum

* Or the equivalent on the free EF Brittin College test.

If you want know about prices, please contact our manager.

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